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Saturday, August 28, 2010

10 Year Class Reunion

Tonight is my 10 year high school class reunion. I didn't go to the 5th reunion because I didn't receive the invitation in time to rsvp. My parent's moved so I'm guessing it got passed around a few times within the postal service before it was forwarded to their new address. This time around there were no snail mail invites sent out, but einvites.
I am going. I'm a little nervous I guess. I wasn't exactly comfortable in high school. I had really only one friend that was in my class - she was my best friend(my other friends were older or younger). We had a falling out - or rather I wisened up. The last few times I've seen her we are polite toward each other. But, I have a feeling she won't be there anyway. She was never one to participate. Neither was I. However, as I get older I can appreciate the experiences I had during those years. Especially the time that my husband and I dated. Our dating years were some of the best times of my life.
I would be most satisfied if I could some how lose 40 lbs, have a child/children, and an amazing outfit - all before 7:00 tonight. But, I'm going to have settle with my fat suit that now drapes over me each day, childlessness, and whatever is in my closet that doesn't include pit stains.


Ashley said...

Enjoy! My 10 year was a couple of years ago and it was fun to see the ones who were there and find out what they were doing.

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