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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Embryo Adoption

I've been reading a lot about Embryo Adoption in the last couple of days and it is all very interesting. Compared to Domestic & International Adoption there isn't a lot of information about the subject. It is still a fairly new concept. I remember the first time I learned about it. I thought snowflake babies sounded really special. I've always known though that I would not be a good candidate for it. It's more for couples who just have problems getting pregnant, not really for a woman who can't stay pregnant. But, I've read in a few places that Seragent Embryo Adoption has been done. It seems to be extremely uncommon - but still it has me wondering. Why couldn't I adopt some snowflakes and have them melt into babies inside someone else?
You may be asking, "Are you switching directions mid-stream here?!" Not exactly. But, I am sort of looking at the other possible options. I so want to be a mommy, and make my hubby a daddy. After two years of waiting on DIA - it seems that maybe we should at least look.


Annie said...

As you look into this I think you'll find that although there are some attractive things about embryo adoption, the cost of a surrogate pregnancy is astronomical. I've looked into ALL the options, too, and am actually on a donor embryo waiting list. I wish surrogacy were a viable option, but there's just NO WAY unless you are very wealthy or have a sister/friend willing to carry for you. It stinks that there aren't really any easy options for either of us at this point, but I'm still praying you will be able to adopt very soon.

Bethanie said...

Well, I'm certainly not wealthy. I can say that I would never use a stranger as the third party.

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