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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Rest of The Story

My mom used to listen to Paul Harvey, ergo I listened to it too. I loved how he would say, "and know the rest of the story".
I left something out of my story yesterday. Well, a lot of somethings actually, but I'm not giving all of the details of our conversation. It's just not necessary. I mean something pretty important. However, we had decided to keep it to ourselves for awhile. Or at least I thought we did. My hubby went over to my parent's house today and I guess my mother sensed that we had left some things out. She questioned him and he found himself faced with telling my mom the truth or lying. So, some of our news got out. I was a little annoyed but I figured if we were coming out with it then we might as well go for it. So, I'll start where I left off.
After we left our agency we stopped at a Petco because that's what childless couple's do. I was checking out the dog clothes and my phone rang. It was "N"s ring tone. I couldn't imagine why she would be calling us so soon. When she started talking I felt like she was going to tell us that we had struck out. She was speaking very slow and I guess I was trying to prepare myself for bad news. Then she said, "Kmom loved you guys and she wants you". I was quiet. Trying to process what she was saying. She was like, "Are you excited!". I answered yes but I was so numb. I think I recovered pretty good by faking it. I made my voice get squeaky. Before she hung up I had finally begun to realize what was happening. My hubby was standing there going - What? I just laughed. REALLY loud. I laughed with gladness. I laughed with relief. I laughed with that "Oh My CRAP I'm going to be a mom!". 2 years and 8 mos worth of heartache just leaked out of me with that laugh. Sarah laughed, and so did I.
"And Sarah laughed within herself...." Genesis 18:12
I will share that Kmom is due in August. We've decide to call the baby "peanut". It's been a pet name with us for many years and we don't want to say "it" for the next 4 mos. The exact due date is unknown because she wasn't aware of the pregnancy for several months. Peanut is healthy and right on track with everything according to Kmom's doctor. She has chosen not to find out the sex. We are excited, but can't help but be reserved. While she seems very sure about her decision, I know that a baby changes everything. She can and may change her mind about us or adoption all together. I've seen it happen over and over. As I've said before, though, I have to hope. It's all I've got. I would rather hope than live in misery trying not to.


Ashley said...

So excited for you! I understand being reserved- definitely guard your hearts but trust God's plan!

Jana said...

congratulations! that is awesome. august will be here before you know it.

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