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Thursday, July 14, 2011

We Have Lift Off

We finally have a date! Kmom is being induced next Friday (July 22nd) @ 10:00 a.m. I am so excited to have a certain date. All of this not knowing has been making me crazy. We are meeting N & Kmom at the hospital. The plan as of now is for me to be in the room for the delivery. Then after the nurses and doctors are done with her, El will be staying with us in our very own room at the hospital. There we will wait the three days until Kmom signs the surrenders. The state says she has to wait three days. If everything goes well, we may have a baby sometime on the 22nd and then bring her home on the 25th. She is fairly close to her due date, so I doubt that she will be low birth weight. But, if she is we may have to wait a few days/weeks to bring her home. That will be really difficult, but I'm trying not to get to ahead of myself. Yes, Kmom could change her mind. But, again, I will deal with that if and when it happens. Right now, I am focusing on wrapping up all my preparations and being totally positive.


RELH said...

Amazing news! We will all be thinking of you!

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