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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How's it going?

Everyone is always asking me how it's going.  If I'm adjusting.  How does it feel?  Well, it depends on the day.  I can say that I fall in love with my daughter more and more every day.  When she started smiling at me as a response - it was like a whole new life for me began.  She is growing really fast.  So, we nap a lot.  Plus she doesn't sleep through the night.  Not anymore.  She was between her first and second month because she slept on her boppy.  But, she quickly out grew it and then stopped the sleeping all night.  However, she is doing better recently.  As you can see I am able to blog again.  She still wakes up for a bottle at least once a night (and by that I mean between the hours of usually 11:00-7:00).  More often though she is waking up at 5:00 or 6:00 (hours of the morning that I scarsly knew exsisted before) and not allowing me to put her down for the night until midnight.  Or sometimes even later.  I've learned to praise the Lord for 3 straight hours of sleep.  More than that is a straight out miracle.  I recently read in the book (the what to expect the first year book) that some children just require less sleep.  Oh Lord...  This mommy, if allowed, could sleep for twelve hours.  Of course God would give me a child that could take it or leave it altogether.  What a sense of humor He has.  Olive is going to be 4 mos on Feb. 5  We have a big week ahead of us next week.  We have to get her next round of shots (oh how I dread it), a WIC appointment, and 4 month well baby check up.  For me, getting Olive out is such a chore.  So, it's going to be some week.  We've gotten into somewhat of a routine.  I have a friend coming twice a week for three hours a time so that I can do house work, run errands, or just plan take a peaceful shower and a nap.  She has been a Godsend to me.  Over all I would say that we are getting along okay.  Having hubby gone all week is honestly very hard.  On both of us.  Aside from praying that a good close-to-home job presents itself, there isn't anything that can be done.  So, we soldier on.  


BumbersBumblings said...

She is precious! I hope she decides to start sleeping soon!!

Ashley said...

Thanks for the update! =) What an adorable picture! Sorry she isn't sleeping well... maybe she'll learn to love it soon and you can get some rest. I can't imagine having my husband gone all week- I'll be praying that something will open up soon so he can be home.

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