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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Why I hate the 4th of July

That may seem a little odd to some people. "How could she hate the 4th of July?! Is she a being anti-patriotic?!" No, I'm not against patriotism! I love my country very much! I just don't care for fireworks. Yes, they are very pretty and I can appreciate that. But, unfortunately, the knuckleheads in our neighborhood (in our whole town really) think that they are piro experts. We live in a very small town. It is considered a village. Population - 800. I am surrounded by rednecks. Rednecks really like to blow up stuff. The all night explosions started on Friday (the 2nd) and continued until last night (the 6th). Five nights of BOOM BANG BOOM is too much! For one thing, it makes our dogs nuts. They normally don't bark unless there is something to bark about (i.e. another dog, person walking near our house, or some other animal near by). During the war zone soundtrack they are maniacs. All the noise makes me a nervous wreck. And it's like this every year. I am always so glad when the celebrating has ended. The next holiday I dread is Halloween - for many of the same reasons.


Kristi said...

ROFL This cracked me up on sooooooooooo many levels. ha haaaa

I grew up in a small town around here, much like the one you're in. The town we're living in now isn't much bigger.

I guess I'm kind of one of those Rednecks. We're not the ones out blowing them up, but we do like to stand by and watch. ha haaaaa


Bethanie said...

LOL - thanks for your comment Kristi

Casey said...

We have called our sheriff many 4th of July's and New Years for people blowing stuff up all hours of the night. It is annoying! I like your new blog!

Bethanie said...

Casey - I wish we could do that and get results. The fireworks that they use are illegal in our state, but our county sheriff is one of the participators, so it wouldn't do any good to complain.
Thanks! I was do for a change.

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