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Sunday, August 8, 2010

2 Years

We've been waiting for our baby for two years today. Alot can change in two years. The biggest thing that has changed for me is the belief that the Lord has adoption in our future. I just don't know anymore. Many times lately I've wondered, "but what if God never meant for us to adopt to begin with?". If adoption is not in God's plan for our future, then we've wasted so much effort and money. "How long do we wait until we give up?" How does one give up on something like this? I mean, that's a lot of money. Then there is the question of how to tell people that we gave up. People are always asking us if there is anything new or if we've "heard" anything. What is going to be the reaction when we suddenly say, "Actually, we aren't doing that anymore."? I mean, is quiting even an option here? Do we just wait indefinitely? Three years, six years, ten years from now can we still really say, "We're adopting"? I don't know what God wants for us.


Annie said...

I'm so sorry you've been waiting sooo long! I'm no expert on domestic adoption, but isn't two years about the average wait? That means it's about your time, right? I know that some agencies say you can improve your chances by aggressively "marketing" yourselves. I know I would hate "marketing" myself, but if you have some friends who are good at advertising and marketing, maybe you could spread the word far and wide and reach more potential birthmoms? I wish I had some great answer for you that would move things along, but know that I will be praying that your baby comes home to you VERY SOON!!

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