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Friday, August 13, 2010

Daycare Job

Yesterday a friend of mine called and I missed her call. Later on I called her back and she said that there had been a job opening in the daycare she works at, but that it had already been filled (man, they work fast). I told her that if something part-time opened up that I would be interested. A few minutes after I hung up she called me back and said that they did have something part-time. They needed someone to work 4 hours on Mondays and they needed a fill-in for when someone had to take off or was sick. Today I went to the daycare for what I thought would be an interview and instead all I really had to do was introduce myself to the boss lady and take a bunch of paperwork home to fill out. Simply because she trusted my friends judgement I was basically already hired. I'm about 99% sure that this will be perfect for me right now. All I have to do is play with the kids. On Mondays my first two hours consist of reading a book from home while the children nap. That is my kind of job! Another cool thing is that I've already done all of the state requirements. To get our foster license we had to get an FBI background check & get fingerprinted, and TB tests. I have to have all of that stuff for the daycare so all she has to do is get copies of everything. I start Monday.
I should make it clear that I have no intention of working after our baby comes and I will not be putting our child in a daycare at any point either. I have always wanted to be a stay-at-home-mom. I told the boss lady about our adoption, that things could change for us at a moments notice, and that I would not be working once I was a mother. She said she understood and that it wouldn't be a problem. As I said before, they have no trouble finding new employees when they need them.
So, hopefully this is it for me. I can finally contribute financially to our situation like my husband wants, I can do it only part-time, and I will probably enjoy it very much.


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