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Friday, August 26, 2011

Health Update

I'm still bleeding a little.  I don't think I have passed anymore tissue though.  However, my ovaries feel like they are trying to burst out of my body.  Especially my left one.  The pain is exhausting.  I've been no good all day.  I slept until noon and lived on the couch and my comfy chair at the computer.  Television and computer helps take my mind off it some.  From 1 to 10 I would gage the pain at only a 4 I guess, but it is pretty much constant.  And there is a lot of pressure.  My doctor doesn't want to do the D&C now until I have insurance, which still may be a few weeks away.  But, as I said there hasn't been anymore tissue so I'm not sure I would need it.  I'm considering calling the office on Monday and requesting birth control again.  There is one kind on the $4 list that I've taken before.  I'm not sure it would make her very happy.  I don't think she wants me to go back on the pill.  Actually, I don't either.  But, I do want to feel better!  I do want to stop the bleeding.  I want to stop worrying about my health and refocus my attention on adoption again.  Birth control is not a miracle pill.  But, it may be what my body wants.  It has depended on it for so long. 



Ashley said...

Yikes! Maybe you need an ultrasound to see what's going on in there? That stinks about the insurance thing. I agree~ sometimes our bodies need the pill to keep things in check. Hope you feel better soon!

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